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Snowmobile Trail Permits                             Seasonal Trail Permit Cost $45.00   Trail permits are required to operate snowmobiles in the state of Michigan. More than 300 Snowmobile Association agents, statewide are selling pre-printed snowmobile permits.  In addition to registration of a snowmobile in Michigan or from another state or province, a person who desires to operate a snowmobile in this state needs to purchase a snowmobile trail permit sticker. The snowmobile trail permit sticker is valid for 1 year which begins October 1 and ends September 30 of the following year.  Snowmobile trail permits are available at the following: Online at the DNR E-License Web site  -Your sticker will be mailed to you within 7-10 days.   OR Michigan Snowmobile Association DNR Customer Service Centers. DNR Hunting and Fishing License Vendors  Snowmobiles are exempt from the Trail Permit Sticker if they are:  Operated exclusively on lands owned or under the control of the owner, used entirely in a safety education program conducted by a certified snowmobile safety instructor, exclusively operated in a special event of limited duration which is conducted according to a prearranged schedule under a permit from the governmental unit having proper jurisdiction or a snowmobile used solely for transportation on the frozen surface of public waters for the purpose of ice fishing.  Display of Trail Permit Sticker:  The trail permit sticker needs to be permanently affixed to the forward half of the snowmobile directly above or below the headlight of the snowmobile.